Saturday, December 31, 2011

39 Weeks.. Vent-alot-e

39 Weeks - 9 months prego
 Last weekend of my Pregnancy and last day of the year

Belly Shots Bellow...


As it looks.. it feels..

I feel a butt permanently sticking out on my left side and a foot on my right.
Poor thing needs room ITS JAMMED IN THERE

Im Guilty of this


We will let EVERYONE.. and I mean everyone know when we are having the baby... even the grocery bagger at Ralphs
because she requested to know when as well.

To answer the questions of those who've called or texted more than a few times this week.

1) How am I feeling - that changes hourly... Some hours I feel good, others I feel like Im walking with a large back pack  full of rocks over my bladder and if I take one more step they will all fall out. 

Water gives me acid reflux and my favorite candy is tums  I can't sleep a wink because Im so uncomfortable.. this is when people start to say "Oh just wait till baby comes"
..... this is where I say, does the  newborn baby still jump on my bladder?, make me pee 8 times a night? cause me acid reflux? give me physical pain in my abdomen and in my legs?,make me nauseated?.... NO?? great, then Ill be just fine being woken up by the love of my life  who needs love and a diaper change.. Im up as it is and will love every exhausting minute of it.

2) When are you due? - Anyday... and I can't wait till I don't get asked that 300 times a day!!! yipeeeeee

3) Is the baby here yet? - NO, I'll let you know for sure when she is.. or you'll see a million pics of her on facebook

4) When is she coming? - Only God knows, if she doesn't come out in the next few days by herself, we are inducing by the end of next week.(first week of Jan) which leads to the next answer..

5) "If you want the baby to come out.. do this.. or try that.". -  Thank you for your suggestions, but Im waiting for my doctor to return from vacation and that will be Tuesday Jan 2.
So I am not doing anything that could stimulate labor before I see the doctor. I know there are many qualified OB's out there and nurses.. but I would have spun a lotto ball with all the names and chosen one if I didn't care who I was going to see for the past 9 months and safely bring my love into this world.. That being said, I'll take mine over the others, so why rush the process when she's not in town.

6) Birth stories galore - pllllllllllllllllllllllleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee don't tell me any more birth stories, unless Im begging to hear them.

7) When can you visit the baby - I have no idea... we will let you know if we need a moment, a week or a few months off from friends and family or if we want to throw a raging baby welcoming  party.

8) "Don't do this, do that" how to raise my baby tips - Im so appreciative of all the tips, I have them all written down now and I'm so full of information that my brain may pop. Every family is different, every baby is different we will try it all.

Finally - when the baby comes I probably wont be calling anyone, I hardly use the phone as it is,  and returning voice mails.. ya.. umm I probably wont : )
Kurt will let everyone know and I will send a text  message to everyone or an email.
I don't really like to talk on phone, Im a texter, sooooooooo if I dont call you back its because Im too tired  to deal : )


Bump pics = off to Boat parade Christmas party

Because Grandma thinks a newborn should have a mercedes

This is how dad will catch all the hands free shots of the baby

Went straight to the hair salon to get my roots done after seeing this pic

4 Years ago we met right here on the Lido Isle Tennis Courts, my my has my waist band changed

This makes for a great TV tray

Relaxing on the boat.. have you ever seen such a wide waist??

Dear Santa.. wait thats not santa!

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