Saturday, December 24, 2011

38 Weeks.. Merry Xpectmas

38 WEEKS.. almost 39 in couple of days

Not only do I feel like this baby is cramped inside me just looking at this diagram of a 38 week babe in the womb makes it all so real that is IS DAMN CRAMPED IN THERE.. poor thing.

Her movements have lessened and now they are just more like adjustments.

Since Doc is officially out of town, I pray she stays in till first week of Jan when my doc returns.
YES YES I know I hear a million birth stories... and I MEAN A MILLION unwanted stories, about everyone having their nurses and other doc's deliver their child. I get it.. but Ill pass. I want mine and Ill do whatever it takes to have her there.

Laying down tilted up.. YEP,, thats me for another 10 days

No more INC magazine or Financial times..This is what Kurt reads at night.

  Shopping at the Mart Mix a photographer grabbed us for a set up photoshoot, Hence the no lipstick eeks... was wearing the shirt I got engaged in 2 years ago Christmas day.. alittle stretched out I'd say

Who knows who's genes will win : )

My Weekly Post it note to baby M

From our GROWING family.. to yours..


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