Monday, October 31, 2011

31 weeks... Halloween costume ideas for prego's

31 Weeks.. First week of 8th month = as the diagram shows, no room for my organs

Wow these weeks fly by so quickly.  I now have 8 to 9 more weeks. I hope I last that long.
Something tells me Im going to deliver a little earlier than what I expected.

Poor baby gets the hiccups a few times a day. I feel so bad for her as each hiccup shakes my tummy.

Well today is Halloween and I've been debating on what to wear for months now. I love making my own costume so we will see which I chose for tonight.
Here are some I was either laughing at or debating to copy.

Are you laughing yet?

Next year maybe I'll have our little girl in this

Our little Love is an "eye" catcher from the looks of her ultrasound last week.
The baby at 30 weeks should be around 3 pounds, well she measured 3 pounds 11 oz..almost 4pnds
I imagine she's alittle ahead in the weight gaining (ohh sounds so familiar)
She's going to be 8 to 9 I imagine when she is born. We are taking bets now.

Here is our little M "eyeing" the camera and puckering her lips


She has manners already, She must have burped and covered her mouth.

As I get the baby's room decorated I wanted to share my favorite thing to do 
with new drawers..or old. I lined my drawers in college with my favorite wrapping paper
so they always stayed clean and looked nice. I thought I'd do the same for our baby's nursery. 
Here are some of the wrapping paper I had saved over the  years and chose  for the baby dresser drawers.

This weekend we went to Jim Carrey's art show in Palm Desert. It was stunning to see his amazing paintings, some of them 2 stories high.
so colorful and amazing. Here are a couple of photos that I'll share

Mom, Jane Carrey and me

More belly shots from our friend's wedding a few weeks ago.
It was a stunning wedding party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Next week.... Baby shower ideas 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

29 Weeks.. wow this is flying by... 10 more to go

 HELLO 3rd TRIMESTER!!!..... and all the pains that come with it...

Well I’ve gone from Karate Kicks to nudges, turns and rolling movements.
Yesterday I did get a “High YAAAA” high kick when my tray of food was kicked up off of my abdomen.  Perhaps I was crowding her space, Kurt does the same thing when I crowd his.

I have started my prebaby Maternity life book.. Basically details our journey through pregnancy through photos of my iphone belly snap shots.

Here are some pics from my 3rd trimester

I am going through a growth spurt this week.. or shall I say “we are”. My scar tissue (from a previous abdomen surgery)..
Nooooo not plastic.. (I wish).. is separating inside me. Notice separating, not stretching, so yes it feels like my insides are being cut and ripped from the inside by Freddie Kruger, that’s what happens when your abdomen grows and you have scar tissue in the same place. I stop in stores and hold my upper abdomen in pain, I think people think I am in labor, they pass by me with a concerned look.  I should do this in the bathroom line at concerts.
So basically I do not sleep at night because of this pain.. call the waaaambulance.. : )

Here are some pics from our Vegas trip, Since there was Mirrors everywhere in our pimp Aria Sky suite (looks like a Kardashian remodeled it)
 I took advantage of taking more belly shots.

My Booty Shorts.. are shrinking

I should enter a belly shot contest while in Vegas..
we need to make money for baby's college fund

Here are some pics from the Lido Isle Tennis Club Western Night

Keepin It Classy

My dear friend was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer so we decided to walk for her
in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 5k.
I made these shirts for Michelle Homme.. It read in the front
Homme Don't Play That.. (taken from the In Living Color Clown)

SOoo Maybe I should have asked my OB if it was ok to do the Susan G Komen 5 K.
Because after the walk.. I was sent to the hospital because my uterus was cramping

Baby getting monitored in Labor and Delivery. I do not want to be back there until she's done cooking.

A few days later after I was released off of "bed rest" I had lunch with my favorite "Tutu"
who we will be naming our little one's middle name after "Helena".

Then a visit with a very special OB.. the man who delivered me and to whom I call Uncle Bob.. my godfather to who'm I adore.

Grey makes me look HUGE!.. no more grey