Thursday, December 15, 2011

37 Weeks.. Full Term BABY!!!

  OH BOY!.. I mean OH GIRL.. 
I could go anytime now

So Im carrying a full term baby, this is a strange feeling knowing that
I could have her any day now. I feel like I should fly somewhere or do something I may not do again or that I may not do for a VERY LONG TIME!!... But I guess Sky diving, a night out dancing on a bar in Paris is out of the question right about now.. .. DAMNIT

Here is what I imagine my bebe is doing every night..
I seriously feel weird body parts sticking out at all sides.


My Maternity book is almost full.. 
Here are some pics of my development 

My Top (from Lizzie) is stretched beyond belief.

My Striped Dress has been through a lot  this year: )

She's dropping.. YEY

What the HECK did I swallow that day!!!

From Kurt's Company's Christmas Party

YES.. I made my non maternity dress a Top

To my sweet Father to Be...

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