Tuesday, January 3, 2012

40 Weeks... Meeting the love of my life soon.

40 Weeks.... we made it!!!

"We will see each other soon my love"

To be honest I can barely walk from the pelvic pressure and pain.
The leg cramps at night are not fun at all, but make me feel young again and bring me back to my soccer days.

This is probably our last days as just a couple.. Party of 3 we will be.

Kurts glowing, you'd think he was winning the lottery. The funniest thing is, he packed his over night bag for the hospital.
I believe he thinks there is a camp ground there.. because he's brought his thermus, granola bars, and other survival gear.

Soon I will be delivering  I imagine I'll be like this on the bed in the hospital


Last dinner with just the two of us : )

I m so big I block sunsets

Duffy Riding with my fav person Tutu

A really interesting photo I thought I'd post

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