Thursday, June 2, 2011

9 Weeks.... It's the small things

Here we are at 9 weeks.

Gosh these illustrations are kind of disturbing for me. The head of the baby is freaking me out.
So I am still nauseous and feel that I am still on the boat lost at sea but I think I can see land and I have a box of triscuits with me... things are looking up.

Here are a few loves of my life right now I thought I'd share.

Ginger Ale is now my cocktail of choice

My other big investment and now best friend is

Yes toilet paper. I may want Kurt to buy stock in Charmin.
I must have no ability to hold liquid, I do drink water like a fish but SERIOUSLY..

Another Favorite indulgence is
Yep I pop these like they are skittles.

Here is a peek at our Gummy bear growing. Sorry about the resolution and flash
My mother and I saw the baby move and heard the heartbeat it was a beautiful moment.

On the Romantic Side of things.. Kurt and I shared our first anniversary this week.
One year ago we were celebrating our wedding in a Castle in Florence.
It was the most magical time in our lives.

Here is the 1 min video I put together for our anniversary with our little surprise gift at the end

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