Saturday, June 25, 2011

12 Weeks..... 3 month mark.. am I really here?

12 weeks... YEY Im 3 months.. wow that took a really long time.

I had my ultrasound yesterday.  It's amazing the technology looks like it hasn't changed since the 70's.
I didn't find it comfortable at all. She pushed around and banged on my stomach to get the baby to move as if it was going to do tricks for her.
I captured it on video. It was so cute to see the baby moving his/her hands and legs.. it's so surreal.

Baby's face and profile start at the top.. the whiter part is the forehead
you can see the nose down from there.

Speaking of Gender, after banging on my abdomen for over an 40 minutes trying to get my baby to change position and get off of his/her head the ultrasound tech said "I think I know the sex" I told her to ZIP IT.. and write it down in an envelope and stick it into my purse.
Meanwhile this envelope is burning a hole in my purse... Im dying to open it, however I will refrain from doing so.

 Burning a hole in my purse 

Next Friday we will do another ultrasound to find out the gender this ultrasound place is usually 99% accurate, we will have the tech keep the gender from us, write it down as well and put it into an envelope (not before checking if the prior gender prediction matches).  We will then take the envelope and give it to a baker and have them put the color of the gender in the middle of the cake.
Then we will have a little gender dinner party, cut the cake and find out what we are having.

Kurt and I really would love a Boy or a Girl.. thank GOD those are our only two options.
I could never chose one over the other. Health is our main priority for our little one as well as he or she gets  Kurts teeth : )

Gender Predictions

I have done every online gender predictor and old wives tale test that exist.
I've done the ring over the belly, chinese calendar charts, pee'd in baking soda, you name it I've tried it.
Everything points to a girl
However, the first outfit I bought for the baby was a blue striped t-shirt with a motorcycle on it.
Every baby store I enter I go straight to the boy section for some reason.
Sooo who knows..

We will see Friday ..

I will video the cutting of the cake and post it

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  1. It looks like those "old wives tales" turned out to work and be true!!! Yay for little girls!!