Friday, July 8, 2011

14 Weeks pregs.... ITS A....?????


Here we are at 14 weeks

So our lil babe is sucking her thumb at this point, I am starting to think Kurt and I should start saving up for braces.
My stomach is now large enough to look like I won the Pie eating contest at the county fair.
I can see people who walk by look at my belly now and do a double take, I think they are afraid to say "are you pregnant.. or just fat"

TWO Ultrasounds ONE sex

The first ultrasound tech checking the length of the baby said "Oh I know what the sex is".
I stopped her before she could say another word. " Don't tell me... just write it down.. but are you really sure?" I replied.  The tech assured me " I've done this for 30 years.. yes I've seen a few of these"

My thoughts = It must be a boy.

A week later I received another ultrasound to determine the gender.
As Kurt and I looked away from the screen when the tech was searching for the gender bits, she said "Oh yep, I see it, I'll take a photo"

My thoughts = It must be a boy.

The tech wrote it down and then compared her results to my other doctors and she said she totally agreed.


See the arrow pointing to something which I guess is a vagina

Do you see the Baby's profile above?
The face is pointing to the left where the white shadow is

After our appointment we took the envelope with the gender written in it to a baker, That evening we had a gender cake

Our cake

Here is the video we took of our surprise announcement to my parents with the news that we were having a baby. At the end of the video is our baby gender cake announcement. It was so much fun and we were totally surprised as you can see.

Inside the Carrot Cake


Written in the envelop from the Ultrasound Tech

Some stills of SHOCK!!

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