Wednesday, July 20, 2011

16 Weeks.. Boom boom what was that?

Here we are at 16 weeks... Now we are moving along.

My goodness the first trimester took forever. I am now free from the constant hangover and nausea, however my appetite has still not returned.  I basically eat to survive at this point.  I had more cravings and "Must have's right now" moments before I was pregnant.

Today I went to the Dr. to check on the heart beat.  While the Dr. was checking for the heartbeat with her doppler on my stomach she said "ohh.. baby just kicked my hand". Apparently the baby is doing flips and high kicks in my abdomen as the heartbeat had to be chased with the doppler as the baby moved around. I SWEAR I DIDN"T HAVE THAT NUTELLA I WAS EYEING THAT MORNING.

A few hours later after lunch while  driving I felt.. "boom" then another "boom" each on the left and right side of the abdomen. Perhaps she doesn't like my driving.


And that is ALL your going to see : )


I Bought my crib and matching dresser... Here is a peek.

I am thinking of going with the Nursery theme "African Queen"
a'little travel, a'little safari, and a'little queen : )

But knowing myself, this theme could change to Italian Riviera, Hello Hongkong or Sailing across the sea at any moment.

Our daughter's first pet

Kurt and I are all about Low Maintenance Pets
Our daughter's first dog will have batteries 

Thinking of a zebra for the floor

A little Trophy for the wall.. I'll be the only one at Toys R Us sawing off a large stuffed lyon's head at home I imagine.

Perhaps I'll play Indian Jones Music as you enter the nursery. Kurt will love that .. haaaa

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