Wednesday, August 24, 2011

23 Weeks.. Belly-licious Belly


  23 Weeks... A little more than halfway there!!

My Gummy bear has been practicing martial arts lately, I was hoping for a ballerina, but with the kicks I
am receiving from her, she may end up as a UFC fighter... oh joy !! At least she will have lipstick on.

She can now officially hear things in her little cave, so I am playing all my favorite tunes, like Enya and Sade.. she kicks to the our wedding song by Brother IZ, she also love Paul Simons
"Down by the school yard"..

The photo I fell in love with at our ultrasound... My pediatrist Godbrother
said the feet look perfect however he can not see the arch yet.  This is for sure without a doubt Kurtschild, she's taking after her daddy already with everything aligned.

The Pregnant Bladder 

I have been through about 147 rolls of Toilet Paper. This is no joke.... I go through a roll a day.
Lets just say I have the bladder of a mouse and drink water like a camel.

Shall I start a collection?

I was thinking that I should make something creative out of all this waste.

A Design for the wall Perhaps?

So the Family went to Catalina island this past weekend, My niece loves to talk to the baby through my belly button, she also likes to pretend her belly is as big as mine.

They also like to make Belly Wishes, just like a Buddha belly

The Disappearing act

How does my large belly disappear when I lay down?..I can not figure out where everything goes.


Enough Belly Shots, I'll be a house by Christmas so this might just be the last of them, until I can figure out Photoshop and  how to make myself look thin..

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