Tuesday, June 14, 2011

11 Weeks...... eeeeks 200 More days of humor

Here we are at 11 Weeks, I skipped posting at 10 weeks.. since it was
the same song and dance as 7, 8, 9 and 10

My saving grace these past few weeks have been

Sea Sickness Bands. Who knew that I would do fine at Sea yet get sick on land.
So I just explain Im queazy on Land when people ask what are they for, or for those who are not from California I tell them the constant earthquakes make me nauseated.

This week I will be shopping for  a new bed mate. Something along the lines of
I wonder where Kurt will sleep..

Well I sure hope I find him in the bed : )

Its funny how when I tell people I am pregnant people feel the need to touch my stomach.
Next person who does this I will reply 'Now my turn"

Everyone and their mother want to give you advice once you are pregnant. As if everyone's body chemistry is EXACTLY  the same
and it seems everyone wants to measure you up and down to how many weeks you are pregnant.
I can't believe some of the things that come out of peoples mouths.
 I am prepared for it to get worse the next 6 months.
Here are a few t-shirts I might buy

I am preparing to hear:

Are you pregnant!?!  -  reply:

Oh no.. I just won a pie eating contest, or Oh you must be too??

Are you suppose to be that big, you can't possibly be X months 
-  reply:

You know so much about my body I should just quit going to my OB and go straight to you, can I call you at 2 am when I get a cramp?

Are you sure you don't have twins in there?  
-  reply:

Yes, I'm pretty sure I would be aware if I were carrying two babies. But, thanks for checking. Ill start eating for 3 now Thanks
Are you going to breastfeed? 
-  reply:

And ... this impacts you how?? Did you want me to save you some breast milk or are you selling formula?

You are absolutely having a boy/girl.  
-  reply:

Really? My Gosh, your a human Ultrasound, thats it Im really breaking up with my OB and seeing you

 Did you plan this? 

-  reply:

Yes I remote controlled the sperm to insert and fertilize the egg.

Woooee.. Look at you (gasping at how big you are)  

-  reply:

Woooeee.. Look at you (and stare at their belly)

NEXT WEEK.. Finding out the Gender of Little M..

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